Sugar Causes Acne. Here’s How to Stop Sugar Cravings.

Struggling hard with sugar cravings? Bad news if you also suffer from acne.

Sugar causes acne, Or at least it’s a top contributor to it for most peeps. It promotes inflammation and hormone imbalance, via that sneaky hormone called insulin.

And there is such a thing as sugar addiction, and all the intoxicating sugar cravings that go with that.

I know this, because I’ve experienced it.

It’s time for me to come clean —  with a few juicy stories from my misty past, and what I did to claim my health and acne prone skin back from my over-the-top sugar cravings.

For a few years, I actually had a dedicated budget to chocolate and cookies and sweet things.

I’m serious!

When I prepared for a trip, I made sure to pack a couple of chocolate blocks, just in case.

And I remember that one time when my housemate showed my guests (my friends!) how many chocolate blocks I kept in the fridge. (5)

I remember feeling annoyed at my housemate for revealing my dirty secret, and yet thinking that nothing was wrong with my chocolate intake, thank you very much.

I didn’t realise it wasn’t normal.

Worse, I didn’t realise it wasn’t healthy.

So… Hello, my name is Celine Harleaux, and I’m a recovering addict.

Help! I’m Craving Sugar and It’s Causing Acne, What Do I Do?

Sugar Causes Acne. How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Give yourself a big hug!

The path will probably be tortuous, but I promise the destination is sweet (pun intended) 😀

Here’s what I and others in Naturally Clear Skin Academy did to kick our sugar cravings for good so that it could stop causing acne.

First of all, you need to get clear on your motivations.

Quit the stories you tell yourself, and be honest (and compassionate) with your beautiful self.

When do you crave sugar?

What are feeling, thinking about, before/when you crave it?

Is there a part of you that really, reallyyyyy wants that brownie, and another part that’s trying to control your impulse?

Personally, I used sugar to:

  • Get a high when I felt tired, nervous, sad, depressed, stressed, homesick, lonely, etc… Which as a uni student, happened fairly often;
  • Feel full and satiated so that I could study for another couple of hours before starving and having to cook a proper meal for myself (aka the worst excuse in the world).

Honestly, those are mechanisms I’ve only uncovered recently.

Back then, I was just in a sugar-high fog pretty much all the time.

Other triggers for sugar cravings that acne warriors have mentioned include:

  • At home: “Whenever a family member brings home something sugary… I just can’t resist, especially if everyone is having a piece”;
  • At the workplace: “I work in a donut factory, and the temptation is omnipresent”;
  • During the week-end: “For me, it’s often when I’m in a coffee shop, and my partner treats himself to a custard square, I think: if he can, then so can I. And bam! I fall into the trap”;
  • When out and about (or travelling): “When it is in front of me, when I’m having a stressful moment… Or when I’ve been eating well and healthy for most of the day or the week, sugar comes as a reward. Then obviously, I fall into a binge-eating pattern, and I stuff myself with every cookie in the packet, instead of just one”;
  • When tired: “I learned to recognize what was pushing me to have sugar: I needed it to get an energy boost, and to help me go through intense emotions.”

How about you?

Analyse why you have to have sugar, why you feel that impulse to buy that slice of cheesecake in the shop, and devour it one go, even if there’s a part of you that says: “Stop!”.

No, no, stop!

No, noooo, stop!!!

Why do you have to eat every cookie in the packet, even when you’re full?

How do you feel before, during, afterwards, physically and emotionally?

I invite you to get clear on your conscious and unconscious motives and desires.

With an open mind, and a compassionate heart.

Be honest, patient, and forgiving: health is a journey, not a destination.

It’s the same for clear skin, and self-love.

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