Hi lovely lady!

Let me guess a little bit about you…. are you a woman who didn’t really know how you ended up where you are?

Covered in acne… miserable… depressed…. deeply ashamed and embarrassed and wishing more than anything to wake up from this nightmare and just move on with life?

Deep down, you know this wasn’t how your life was supposed to be. You know life is short and that it’s meant to be lived…. somewhere deep inside you know that you were destined to shine a bright light and make your mark on the world, or at least just friggin enjoy this earth while you’re on it!

You were absolutely not meant to spend your entire life in a frenzy of anxiety, staring at your face in the mirror, fretting, and picking, and crying, and suffering.

And you do know that.

But you feel trapped because you can’t seem to shake this frustrating affliction that makes you feel like a worthless monster and robs you of happiness. How can you concentrate on anything else while you’re going through this?

The pain and embarrassment of chronic acne is unrivalled.

That feeling of anxious dread when you wake up to see yet another spot forming literally haunts you.

With every fibre of your being, you just:

  • Want to feel sexy and confident talking to anyone; doing anything or going anywhere. You want to be able to face your coworkers confidently, stop wondering if people are really talking to you or just distracted by your acne.  You want to be able to know that when you have your first date with that guy (or gal) you like, you won’t be an anxious mess in front of the mirror, desperately trying to cover up your spots
  • Want to be able to use makeup ONLY because you WANT to; because it’s fun – not because you have to, forced into it as a shameful ritual.
  • Want to be FREE!! Free to dance the earth, travel the world, conquer your fears and spin your passions. You have DREAMS, baby …

You honestly can’t believe how acne has robbed you of your dreams… but somehow you’ve found yourself here… floundering, practically drowning in desperation…. you MUST get rid of this  … that is a non-negotiable because you just CANNOT accept a life like this….

But you just don’t know how. You feel trapped, not knowing where to turn…. and no one seems to understand what you’re going through….

And believe me, it’s not like you’re still suffering with acne for lack of trying. You’ve literally tried everything. Every acne face wash, tool, cream, moisturizer, prescription, pill, and drug. Everything that promises clear skin, but it never seems to deliver its promises. So what the HELL are you supposed to do? You’re angry with all the bullshit turning you in circles, never giving you the answers you really need.

You’re lost, but somehow you do KNOW there has to be a different way that actually WORKS….

There’s something about all those drugs & chemicals that never sat well with you anyway…. they always felt so unnatural, and just not in alignment with who you are… there’s got to be something better … a permanent solution that actually works and feels right and actually makes you feel free instead of dependent and addicted, living in fear that it’s all going to come back any second…..

Well, my lovely, there is good news. That used to be me exactly and I’m here to let you know there IS indeed a better way…